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Freshers and college foundation day!!

Posted by ankanweby on September 5, 2006

(Sorry for I could not put up the photographs of following stuffs)On 27th and on 3rd we had out Freshers and college foundation day+teachers day celebration+farewell to the 2006 passout batch.

 Ya had a lot of fun i mean one must come to Techno India to see what a party can be. Anyway the same bengali songs and I could not stand  those but by the time I could pass my so called precious time in watchin girls wearing tight tops as well as jeans or skirt or anything that could look the most sexy stuff out there. I had a small chat with a girl of BCA course named Ronita.. well quite sweet in nature but mind it she has a boyfriend.anyways it doesnt matter to me anyhow ..We had been presented with a transparent  bag with TECHNO INDIA tag and a gel pen worth Rs 15/- and with a food pack.. delicious…. and now on 3rd -foundation day… we enjoyed to the fullest we had a ROCK band performance i mean that was mindblowing. It was raining all the morning but then too we danced on that muddy floor .. and must u see the clothes that i gave this morning to the bloody dhoobi…

 One thing I forgot to mention .. on freshers party we had a contest called MISTER /MISS FRESHERS 2006. and Sauvik from EE and Sudipta from IT won that… now they are quite well know.. butthe fact is that a participant named Amrita Ghosh was luking like anything i mean she was luking awesome and was also carrying herself like she a very humble person and ya had a sweet voice too… n the same girl wore a typical bengali saree.. was looking woooooooowwwww!!


A small view of where we have to pass by everyday!! And let me make it sure the phatichar sa building thatare you seeing is not the only one butThis is a very small view of where classes are held!! nice na? The previous building is where we have all the labs and classes of 3rd n 4th yr and MBA, MCA etc..

Well happy teacher s day to all of you!!


5 Responses to “Freshers and college foundation day!!”

  1. Ankur said

    wahh bhai good cllg aur padai kaise chal rahi hai cllg main njoi kar raha hai kabhi hame bhi yaad kar liya kar and give me ur new no. Yaar

  2. Ankan said


  3. ankan said

    ya i know.. padai thik thak hai… baki time lag raha hai adjust hone mein u know the girls out here…
    my new no. -0992353687

  4. Rabimba said

    THis is where our classes are held!!!!

    Abe ki likhchhis? erpor to Techno India k IBM er somogotrio dhore nebe re.

    R oi bangla band tar nam Lakhhichara

  5. Ankur said

    Eh? Is that bengali well i dont have ne prb with it but its only that i dont understand it will you plz write that in english or hindi

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