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Back for few days!

Posted by ankanweby on August 12, 2006

After a tiring week at the college in kolkata ‘m back to spend some days here in DGR. I enjoyed a lot in this week and yes a lot of stuffs happened this week which sometimes made me very elated and sometimes a very depressed person and about all these i’ll explain briefly to you people if you dont mind. And see I’m being frank in this post b’coz nothing could I explain if I’m not being bold enough-

1. Following few points are primarily based on the raggings that I had to face- I had to propose 5 senior girls and you believe me all of them were absolute mindblowing and mature from all sense(you can make out what I mean to say)

2. I had to narrate all the body parts of a girl infront of a group of girls and that was the most uncomfortable thing that I could carry but anyway I executed the program.

3. I had to sing and dance as well on -dil na diya(krrish), its magic(KMG), kajra re(BnB).

4. Giving intro to every senior who caught me including the word ‘shayad’ after every sentence. like after my name, my father’s name.. etc

5. Crack joke.

6. Push ups initially 8 but that extended to 16 as the seniors were counting.

7. Tie the tie around my forehead and plate flute to girls.

8. Act as hanuman of ramayan and fire out the Lanka i mean tie the tie around the waist and bounce around the road.

9. Act as begger and collect atleast Rs. 7.

But I tell you the most depressing thing that happened with me is that I was asked to draw a nude girl and had to make it attested by a a senior girl.. and the most disgusting thing happened was that the girl whom I showed that asked for the original copy. You know from this day I came to know how indecent girls can be and then i decided not to involve with any such in my life because all can i stand but I cannot stand vulgarity and indecency.

I celebrated the friendship day with my mobile set only messeging all my friends and also received from Haati, dhanda, chipkali, dala hua, D, Durgesh bhaiya, bakra etc.

Even rakhi made me feel good as for the first time my sisters(daughters of my own uncle) tied rakhi .. enjoyed chatting with them… had a great time and yes I called charu.

Also I felt something from heart for one of my closest friend I cant name that person but now I think its better not to conc on that matter anymore.   And finally a great thing happend and that is instead of a lot of care taken in our hostel some dumb, jackass fellow stole away my mobile.. I mean Why me.. though our hostel consisted a lot of costly sets ranging outo 15-16000 sets of NOKIA, SAMSUNG…



3 Responses to “Back for few days!”

  1. Ankur said

    lol :)) must have been fun but dont think only this much would have happned what all are you hiding pal 😉
    m sad to here about your cell what will you do now

  2. Ankan said

    i dont know exactly but i wud be missing angam’s msg of oye ***** oye *****!!!

  3. Ankur said

    which 1 he didnt send that to me thats not good

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